Hepsia is an advanced hosting CP created by our software engineers with the idea to make the management of everything relevant to your web presence really easy. In case you have no preceding experience, you'll not have any difficulties, since Hepsia has a user-friendly interface and includes a lot of help articles and video tutorials. The Control Panel will permit you to do everything in a single location, with no need to go through various systems. You will be able to renew or to upgrade your plan, to register and to manage domains, to set up emails, databases, .htaccess files or script-driven applications. You can furthermore upload files and whole folders simply by dragging and dropping them. Right-click context menus will enable you to access additional functions. You’ll feel as if you’re working on your laptop. Hepsia runs on its own servers, so if you get a hosting server for your sites, the CP shall not take any resources.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in Dedicated Servers

You can use Hepsia with any of the dedicated server plans which we offer, as the CP will be amongst the alternatives during the signup process together with cPanel and DirectAdmin. Even though the root access to a Hepsia-equipped server will be more limited compared to the access with the other 2 Control Panels, the main benefit of having this type of server is the tremendously simpler management process. Hepsia is the same Control Panel included with our shared website hosting packages, so it will allow you to manage your dedicated server just as easily, while you are able to make full use of the tremendous amount of resources which your machine comes with. The Control Panel is an outstanding choice for customers which need a powerful web hosting solution, but do not have a lot of experience. A dedicated server with Hepsia will permit you to host an unrestricted number of domain addresses and to manage them all in a single location together with your site content, digital communication and monthly plan renewals.