What is Moodle?

If you’re searching for an application which can help you smoothly manage an internet–based course, then you should take a look at Moodle. Moodle was designed specially for educators, teachers and lecturers, who would like to share their expertise on the internet. Moodle is an open–source web app, offered at zero cost.

Although Moodle is actually a specialized niche application, it still prides itself on an incredibly dynamic and productive community. You will find lots of 100% free themes and plugins that boost existing key features as well as include completely new capabilities to the Moodle application. Also, there are many websites and community forums, dedicated entirely to Moodle.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and shares no connection with HostMagia.

E-School Cloud Hosting Services

In case you administer a web based course for pupils, your website needs to be consistently online, disregarding how many individuals are browsing it at the same time. At HostMagia you’ll find specialized E-School cloud hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. So it doesn’t matter what comes about, your web site will always be online.

All of the E-School cloud hosting packages furthermore provide unlimited disk space, unlimited data traffic and unrestricted MySQL storage. To kick–start your educative website, we additionally give you 100% free domain name registration or domain transfer. Furthermore, we will configure Moodle for your site once you sign up. This way, when you log in in your control panel, you can have your Moodle website already available on the web, waiting for you.

A Point & Click Online Control Panel

The E-School cloud hosting plans are provided with an intuitive Online Control Panel, which has been entirely developed by us. It is offered in over than 10 languages and color options, to help you 100% personalize it to your taste. The Control Panel features a point–and–click interface with a host of instruments, which will present you with full control over your content.

Within our Control Panel you can find a drag–and–drop File Manager where your e–learning portal’s content will be stored, a Database Manager for your personal databases, plus a complete E Mail Accounts Manager from where you can manage your email communication with learners. Furthermore, we’ve incorporated a comprehensive statistics tool, that certainly will keep you up to date on your website traffic and resource utilization in real time.